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            LED Screen

            P4.81 Indoor Rental LED Display

            Pixel Pitch: 4.81mm
            Pixel configuration: 1R1G1B
            Module Resolution: 52*52 pixels
            Module Pixles: 2704 pixels
            Module Size: 250mm*250mm
            Cabinet Resolution(dot): 104*208pixels
            Module Quantity: 8pcs
            Cabinet Pixels: 21632 pixels
            Pixel Density: 43222 pixel/m2
            Cabinet Materials: Die Casting Aluminum
            Cabinet Weight: 13kg per cabinet
            Screen Brightness: 800-1200cd/sqm
            Driving Method: 1/13 scan,constant current
            Best Viewing Distance: 4.81-40m
            Max Power Consumption: 1000W/sqm
            Average Power Consumption: 550W/sqm
            Gray Level: Red, green, blue each 256 levels
            Display Color: 280 trillion color
            Frame Frequency: ≥60HZ
            Power Supply Mode: AC220±10% 50HZ/AC110±10%
            Working Temperature:0 Celsius- +40 Celsius
            Storage Temperature:-30 Celsius- +50 Celsius
            Control Mode: Synchronous dispaly with control PC by DVI
            Control System: Linsn, Novastar or as your required
              1. Ultrathin and lightweight: Each cabinet weighs only 13kg, easy to install and transport.
              2. Noiseless: Die-casting Aluminum cabinets, fanless design with noiseless power supply.
              3. Seamless: High precision CNC machining, precision up to 0.1mm.
              4. Fast Installation and disassembling: connection lock between cabinets are patented, closely combined, safe, reliable and adjustable, 50 cabinets can be installed in one hour.
              5. Front service: use patented spring bead positioning pain and connection lock, any defective cabinet can be removed easily without dismantling the whole screen.
              6. Unique blanking circuit: high definition display by eliminating the row/line after-image without damaging the LED lamps.
              7. Energy saving: low electric current, high-bright lamps, equipped with PFC switching power supply, save 30% electricity.
              8. High refresh rate, high gray level: It can reach 16bit by using PWM driving IC, refresh rate is more than 3840Hz, the gray level is still high even under the condition of low brightness.
              9. Color correction: support dot-to-dot correction, guarantee the consistency of LED color and brightness, No chromatic aberration for new screens.
              10. Cabinet size option: 500mm*500mm / 500mm*1000mm.
              Please submit your basic information, we will contact you as soon as possible!





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