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            LED Screen

            P3.91 Outdoor Rental LED Display

            Pixel Pitch: 3.91mm
            Pixel configuration: 1R1G1B
            Module Resolution: 64*64 pixels
            Module Pixles: 4096 pixels
            Module Size: 250mm*250mm
            Cabinet Resolution(dot): 128*128 pixels
            Module Quantity: 4pcs
            Cabinet Pixels: 16384 pixels
            Pixel Density: 65410 pixel/m2
            Cabinet Materials: Die Casting Aluminum
            Cabinet Weight: 8.3kg per cabinet
            Screen Brightness: 800-1200cd/sqm
            Driving Method: 1/16 scan
            Best Viewing Distance: 3.91-40m
            Max Power Consumption: 1000W/sqm
            Average Power Consumption: 550W/sqm
            Gray Level: Red, green, blue each 256 levels
            Display Color: 280 trillion color
            Frame Frequency: ≥60HZ
            Power Supply Mode: AC220±10% 50HZ/AC110±10%
            Working Temperature:0 Celsius- +40 Celsius
            Storage Temperature:-30 Celsius- +50 Celsius
            Control Mode: Synchronous dispaly with control PC by DVI
            Control System: Linsn, Novastar or as your required
              500*500mm Die Casting Aluminum P3.91 Indoor Rental LED Display
              1. Fast assemble with fast lock and self-help positioning ball.
              3. Die-casting aluminum cabinet, high strength, no deformation.
              4. High precision workmanship, seamless splice<0.1mm.
              5. High definition visual effect as TV, good for any indoor rental application.
              6. No fans no flat cable design, no noise, easy to disassembly.
              7. Snap joint mask design, more easier to insallation, less maintenaince cost.
              8. Adopt high quality SMD2121 LED as light source.
              9. Assure consitent color temperature and brightness.
              10. Pixel pitch available: P2.976/P3.91/4.81/5.95/6.25mm.
              11. Cabinet size option: 500mm*500mm / 500mm*1000mm.
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