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            LED moving head light series

            150W LED Moving Head PRO-LB02

            Rated voltage: AC110-220V/50-60HZ
            Rated power: 250W
            Light source: 150W single LED lamp beads (white light),
            Average life: 50000 hours (power saving mode), color 6500K
            Color wheel: 7 different colors + white, with adjustable speed
            Direction rainbow effect
            1 rotating plate: 6 removable glass plates
            (pattern optional) + white light, adjustable speed, running water
            Effects, effects, and clockwise or counterclockwise rotation
            Fixed Pattern Plate: One Whole Plate with 8 Different Patterns
            Style + white light, adjustable speed, running water, dithering
            Prism disk: single rotating prism disk with one prism and
            1 atomization effect, adjustable rotation speed, variable direction
            Scanning: three-phase motor running speed, subwoofer effect,
            16bit resolution and precise resolution; level 540 °
            And vertical 270° scan with automatic scan position record
            Recalling error correction
            Electronic Focusing: Super-smooth adjustment of focus,
            adjustment of pattern sharpness
            Light output angle: 15 °
            Dimmable strobe: 0-100% and 1-18 times/sec
            Strobe and linear dimming function LED with asynchronous
            flashing and variable speed function
            Control mode: DMX, master slave, self-propelled, voice activated
            Channel: 10/12/14/16 channels

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