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            Welcome to GuangZhou SunRay Stage Lighting Co.,Ltd




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            Beam Light Series

            350W 3IN1 Head Beam Light PRO-LA03

            Input Voltage: AC90-240V  50-60Hz
            Lamp: 330W/350W Philips or YODN lamp
            Control Signal: DMX 512, Master-slave and 
            sound activated or Stand alone
            Control Channel: 18/24DMX Channels
            Power Consumption:450/500W
            High Brightness 330W/350W Lamp  
            High precision Optics Glass lens , 540°pan and 270° tilt movement 
            16 bit smooth and precise resolution for 
            PAN/TILT movement 
            Scan position memory, auto reposition after unexpected movement 
            Unprecedented brightness-comparable to wattages many times higher 
            1 Color Wheel with 14 colors Plus Open, half-tone effect, linear color 
            conversion,bi-directionally rotatable at variable speeds and rainboweffect. 
            1 Static Gobo Wheel with 16 interchangeable 
            gobos + White, and bi-directionally rotatable 
            at variable speeds, gobo shaking at variablespeeds 
            1 Rotating Gobo wheel with 12 interchangeable 
            gobos plus open, Indexable and bi-directionally 
            rotatable at variable speeds, gobo shaking at variable speeds 
            2 independent rotating prisms, 8-facet prism and 
            24-Facet Prism, 36 sharp and clear beam effect 
            generated by double-prism combination. 
            0-100% Linear dimmer adjustment 
            Frost Filter, Electronic Focus, High speed shake effect 
            Wide Screen LCD display interface in both Chinese and English 
            Control By 4 Modes: DMX 512, Master/Salve, Sound 
            activity and workauto 
            Device locking PAN and TILT mechanisms for 
            transportation and maintenance. 
            IP 20 Protection and adjustable rainproof cover up to IP44 
            Dimensions: 450x340x520mm
            N.W: 25kg
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