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            Beam Light Series

            10R 280W Beam moving head PRO-LA08

            Power Input: 90-240V, 50/60Hz
            Power Dissipation: 400W 
            Lamp: Osram Sirius HRI 280W  (life:2200 hours Color temperature: 8000K)
            Channel mode:18 DMX512 Channel
            Pan scan: 540°(16bit) Electric correction
            Tilt scan: 270° (16bit) Electric correction
            Amazing dot matix, four tact switch, 180° turning show
            Color wheel: one color wheel, 14 kinds of color chips in one color wheel
            Gobo: 14 fixed gobos+3 glass gobos+open
            Prism Wheel 1: 3 kinds of prism; Prism 1: 6 facet row prism; Prism 2: 8 facet+8 facet +4 facet; Prism 3: 4 facet+1 facet
            Prism Wheel 2: 3 kinds of prism; Prism 1: 6 facet row prism; Prism 2: 12facet+6facet; Prism 3: 8 facet
            Effect Wheel: 1 Frost+Waterwave glass gobo+7 colors wheel(Rainbow effect)
            Strobe: 0-20 times/second
            Focus: Linear motorized focus
            Dimmer: 0-100% linear dimming
            Beam Angle: 2 degree
            All the 6 kinds of prism can mixing 15 kinds of prism effects.
            Over heat protection
            IP level: IP20
            Magnetic ballast and AC/Dc power supply
            Net weight: 15kg
            Gross weight: 17.5kg
            Packing Size: 47×42×59cm

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